Project idea

PROwellbeingSTATE provides a total approach to the management of prostate cancer patients, which is realized on the one hand with the improvement of existing diagnosis and therapy protocols and on the other with the implementation of welfare approaches.


  • Development of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies

Scientific studies show the efficacy of ligands for the prostate-specific PSMA receptor in conveying PET radiotracers to the lesions produced by prostate cancer. Among the most promising ones is the PSMA-11 ligand complexed with the Gallium-68 radioisotope (68Ga).

Among the aims of PROwellbeingSTATE is the development of a cold kit for an easy and quick set up of the 68Ga-PSMA-11 radiopharmaceutical in the nuclear medicine departments. This will be associated with a quality control kit ready to use for the release of the radiopharmaceutical product. Furthermore, an electronic seal will be developed for the optimization of long lead times between the production and the release to the use of radionuclide.


  • Development of innovative screening, (self-)monitoring and (self-)management tools

PROwellbeingSTATE aims at the development of screening devices based on the identification of specific urinary volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are unmistakably associated with the onset of prostate cancer.

In addition, other objectives of the cluster are the implementation of devices for self-monitoring of cancer in patients, through the determination of urinary levels of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) and for the customized structuring of food plans and physical activity.

A further aim of the research is the computerization of all hospital diagnostic and treatment processes, through a platform accessible to patients, health professionals and caregivers for a 360° management and monitoring of patients suffering from prostate cancer.